Collect trash and buy upgrades to level up in this addictive adventure! Can you beat the final boss and collect all 19 relics?

Play throughout 6 levels and collect trash galore, while avoiding cones, barriers, and birds. Sell your garbage to get coins, which lets you level up and unlock new vehicles and levels!
Try out some of the random powerups along the way:
> Garbage magnet - Garbage nearby will be attracted to you.
> Speed boost - Double your speed and become immune to hazards.
> Frenzy - Increase garbage production and reduce hazards.
> Lucky clover - Get more value for your garbage, money, and medkits, and increase the chance of a relic spawning.

Get the powerups to use birds and minions against the boss to defeat it and complete the game!
It will attack you by:
> Throwing out a barrage of birds
> Using garbage can minions to chase you down
> Making barriers and cones appear in your path
> Creating lines of barriers of cones with a gap somewhere
> Placing spots of fire on the road
> Swooping down to attack you

Also, play some (very basic) minigames relating to the relics here, next to "Super Trash Boy", or check out our Fandom here!

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